Pendleton Woolen Mills


Mill 1

Mill 3



 Mill 5

mill 8

On my recent trip to Portland, Oregon I was very privileged to have a tour of Pendleton Woolen Mills. Since 1863 Pendleton have been making the finest wooden product and they are still going strong. Until today many of their production process have remained the same, which is simply amazing :-0 . Producing beautiful woolen fabric is simply what they do. Spending time in Portland you soon realise Pendleton is not just a fashion brand but a way of life. Here is a big thanks to all at Pendleton who made me feel so welcome and showed me round 🙂

P.S….I Couldn’t help but purchase the best jacket on the planet (last pic) 😉


They’re Coming!!!!



dbsw bd1        dbsw bd2

Its fair to say I love DrinkBeerSaveWater and most days you will find me wearing there stuff 🙂 . The brand does some lovely pieces of clothing that add an element of fun to fashion and this season they have produced an amazing collection based around Space. I recently picked up the ‘Drop the Beer’ Sweat with an all over print of old style UFO’s dropping beer on it! ha! … My new favourite sweat shirt.