Adidas Stan Smith ‘Metal’


What can I say I’m a sneaker addict…… And when I saw these I couldnt resist.  Being a proud owner of the Adidas Stan Smith Consortium ‘Reptile Leather’ ,I thought these new Adidas Stan Smith Metal are right up my street.

When it comes to fashion in most cases I love original product or remakes of classic pieces. Hence why Stan Smith are one of my favourite sneakers.

To be honest the new contemporary twist on these Stan Smiths had me split at first, as I was not sure how they would look on the foot, but after much deliberation I though why not. 🙂

When they came last week I was pleasantly surprised. They look just as good on your feet as they do in pictures. These Stans have a new comfy inner sole and the materials used are amazing which give the shoe a premium feel.

All in all these bad boys are well worth the £105 price tag.



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