Mr Tuft



Mr Tuft (Stefano Carloni) is one of my favourite photographers and I simply love his work. I came across this image of me recently taken at Pitti Uomo and have to say I’m flattered to be photographed by such a talent……. Day Made 🙂




Pitti Uomo 89



I love traveling and to do with with both work and friends is an amazing privilege ❤️. Here are a few shots take on my recent trip to Pitti Uomo in Florence.



Over the last 10 months I have been obsessed with Christophe Lemaire. This is definelty not good news for my bank balance 😫.  I’m not sure how I never stumbled across his collection before but I could simply live in every piece. Each seasons the collection comprises of timeless clean items with suttle military details and a contempory edge.

Here is a piece I purchased s few months ago from Suspension Point, which they now have on sale. It is simply amazing and one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. The fabric, construction and fit are perfect. Hopefully some one else shares my love for it and can grab themselves a bargain 🙂




What can I say I’m an Internet shopper these days. With increasing rents and rates many of the stores I once loved for there individuality, good product and attention to detail are now sadly gone 😦 . These days I seek a similar experience online and only a few offer me this and END is one of them.
When I heard the guys where planing upon opening a new flagship store I was intrigued….. But when I visited the store recently I was more than impressed. END have created a beautiful space to shop. Very minimal and open the store is worthy of the beautiful product that sits inside. I have to give them an old hats off to a job well done.

Definitely worth a visit if your in the North East 🙂






After living in Shoreditch for almost two years, I’ve seen already a lot of change in a creative and charming part of the city.

Lots of developments recently mean slowly on a daily basis I see originality replaced with futuristic glass buildings or trendy bars / pop ups (meaning exposed brick wall, chip board furnishings and non matching chairs) 😴.

Recently passing one of the new 5 star hotel building sites on my doorstep, I noticed they had uncovered one of my favourite posters….which ironically was covered by the last development (For those that are unfamiliar with the movement the Obey Manifesto will fill you in).

I was meaning to take a picture of the poster and it’s surroundings for the last couple of days as the scene almost resembled an archaeological dig, uncovering Shoreditch’s creative past………………However true to form when I returned to take my picture, air conditioning units where up before I had the opportunity to capture the image and I was somewhat disappointed  😦

Upon reflection, it’s funny how things turn out. I think I love this picture even more than my first intention. It reflects the area I live in.

Development and money chasing at the expense of character flare and originality.