Common Projects SS16



As most know I’m addicted to sneakers and Common Projects clean aesthetic has me hooked. There was me thinking having the Achilles Low in white would mean, I’m complete………Well that was until tonight before I visited END.

This was possibly the worst thing that could have happened to me, just when I am trying to save for a rainy day.

Common projects have developed some amazing new styles and introduced some great pop colours that compliment the brands original offering. I literately want about 6 different pairs…… Be warned clicking on the link above may result in bankruptcy.


Mr Tuft



Mr Tuft (Stefano Carloni) is one of my favourite photographers and I simply love his work. I came across this image of me recently taken at Pitti Uomo and have to say I’m flattered to be photographed by such a talent……. Day Made 🙂





Over the last 10 months I have been obsessed with Christophe Lemaire. This is definelty not good news for my bank balance 😫.  I’m not sure how I never stumbled across his collection before but I could simply live in every piece. Each seasons the collection comprises of timeless clean items with suttle military details and a contempory edge.

Here is a piece I purchased s few months ago from Suspension Point, which they now have on sale. It is simply amazing and one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. The fabric, construction and fit are perfect. Hopefully some one else shares my love for it and can grab themselves a bargain 🙂